Expand the empire

Celestial Frontier is a playable browser based Prototype Stage Game where players cooperatively build the empire throughout space.


  • Engineering Facilities

    Complex crafting system allows you to use a wide assortment of different types of items to accomplish the same task. The crafting system gives you autonomy and rewards you for choices you make.

  • Construction

    Building ships and station is an elaborate process. Players must allocate and assemble construction zones within the station. Construction drones are temporarily installed to accomplish the task.

  • Job Management

    Most actions in the game can be queued and are executed by a facility on a ship or station. Plan out work to be completed while you step away from the game. Use recurring jobs to set up automation.

  • Flight

    Build and install ship engines to enable space flight. The materials used to build your ship determine how much force it can withstand. Stronger lighter ships are fundamentally faster.

  • Player built markets

    Player built facilities can be zoned as Marketplaces. Players can then post inventory to sell to other players. Additionally, players can set up buy orders for specific items so that any visiting ship can sell directly to the market.

  • Resource Gathering

    Find mineable rocks or damator pockets to harvest by exploring space. For new players, mining is a simple and straightforward process. Collecting damator is more involved and rewards using the right tools for the job.

  • Crafting is Complex

    Every item has stats, and the time it takes to build anything is dependent on those stats. Optimize the equipment to craft more efficiently.

  • Advanced Engineering

    Grow your empire and expand your engineering facilities. Build and create additional workspaces and equipment to increase productivity. Everything in the game must be built by players.

  • Advanced Construction

    Build facilities within a ship or station to your exact specifications. Construct multiple rooms before zoning to allow for multiple jobs to be in process at the same time.

  • Embedded Community Wiki (Actual community submitted wiki content!)

    This game is complicated. A standalone wiki exists, but the contents of the wiki are also embedded in the game. Be a part of the community by contributing to the in game wiki!



Build with your friends, with others, or alone

Celestial Frontier is a massively multiplayer cooperative sandbox game. All players will collectively build out infrastructure throughout the universe. The space stations you build may become gigantic trading hubs or small refueling outposts. Be a part of the community. Define the universe as you play. Define the history while you progress.

An Economy

Nobody can do everything

Attempting to do everything yourself will be difficult. Focus on one aspect of the game and do it well. Sell your products and buy what you can't make on your own.

Become a retailer by building large marketplaces. Keeping them well stocked and building a reputation throughout the community. The game gives you the tools to facilitate trade, but the markets must be created by you.

Become a long distance trader by finding different markets throughout space with different strengths and weaknesses. Your power will be in your cargo hauling capabilities and market capital to invest.

Complex Industries

Plan, Produce, Profit

There is no single path to production. Every item in the game can be produced in countless ways. How you produce, what you produce, and what that produced item's stats are matters. Understanding how different materials and intermediate items affect the final product is critical to producing something that is both useful and affordable.

What makes Celestial Frontier unique is that you may find a better, more efficient way of creating items in the game which gives you a market edge. Those who adapt quickly will be rewarded. Building inefficiently will lead you to bankruptcy.

Time is your most valuable resource. Every job takes time, and it is up to you to understand and optimize how your industry uses Time.

Stations, ships, items and facilities always take up space and always have mass. A large ship cannot fit inside a small docking bay. An engineering facility can only hold so much equipment. A cargo ship hauling high volumes of high density metal moves slowly. Develop a familiarity to cubic meters while you play.

Space and Mass Matter

Everything is accounted for

Explore to find new resources in remote locations. Instead of hauling raw resources across the universe, build stations and facilities at the new location to process the resources. Build mining outposts to automate resource collection. Growth in the region will seed growth in trade. Build trade outposts with huge cargo facilities, large docking bays, and marketplaces to give players a one-stop shop.

Build Stations

Ships are almost identical to stations except for the fact that they can move and dock. Build small or large ships to accomplish different tasks. Customize each ship with any quantity or size of docking bays, hard points, cargo bays, etc. Use strong materials for faster ships, or cheap materials for more affordable ships. There are no limits, so add a Marketplace and an Engineering Facility to your ship to become a traveling industrialist.

Ships can only be created in a shipyard, but can be worked on internally while in space or in a hangar. Build massive shipyards to mass produce and sell ships for profit.

Build Ships

Design, Build, Profit


Less clicks, more planning

Every action in Celestial Frontier is a job. Jobs can be queued. Jobs can be recurring. Control flow jobs exist allowing you to set states or wait for conditions to be met. Using these tools, players can automate resource gathering, construction, delivery, and other aspects of supply chains.

No Limits

Only one account needed

Your empire has no limits. There is nothing you can do with two accounts that you can't do with one account. One of the most fundamental core game mechanics is that players never feel like they can benefit from playing multiple accounts.

No player specific tech trees or unlocks. No arbitrary limits to your progress. Everything is tangible.