Celestial Frontier

A F2P Massively Multiplayer Single Universe Space Sandbox Simulation

Become a Pioneer

Expand the empire beyond the known universe.

Explore new areas of space.

Exploit new resources found throughout the universe.

Free to Play forever.

Celestial Frontier is a massively multiplayer 3X sandbox game about pioneering. In this single universe browser game, cooperatively extend the borders of the settled universe. Build new stations in space to collect and process materials. Build new ships to facilitate the growth of your empire. Beyond the starting area, everything in the universe is built by players. Enjoy a unique, complex, and rich crafting experience that rewards efficient planning and organization.

Become part of the economy. Build markets to facilitite trade within the player base. Buy and sell ore, metals, electronics, complex machinery, drones, ships, or real estate. Build public facilities to rent to other players, like Docking Bays.

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Procedurally generated

Infinity awaits

A vast universe awaits development. Stars, solar systems, planets, and asteroids are procedurally generated allowing players to continually find new real estate to claim. Within each region, players may find unique materials that do not exist elsewhere. These procedurally generated materials extend the permutations of what can be crafted. Exploration alters the metagame.

Discovery of a new resource in a remote location of space creates shifts in the game. New metals may be stronger and lighter, allowing players to build faster ships which are capable of further extending the borders of the empire. Other materials may increase the efficiency of equipment or provide an exorbinant amount of power. The discovery of new materials is the collective advancement of technology.

Dynamic Materials / Items

Build anything out of any material you find

In Celestial Frontier, in game items are represented by a combination of attributes and materials. Items are not represented simply by being an Iron Plate or an Oil Refinery. Instead, the classification of the item is just one of many parts of that item. An iron plate itself is a Metal Plate using the material Iron. A metal plate could be an Aluminium Plate, Steel Plate, Copper Plate, or Bronze Plate. The materials are dynamic, and so players may find new metals with new attributes. These new metals may create lighter, stronger, or more conductive plates. These new metal plates will dramatically alter the possibilities of what can be created in the universe, shaking up the entire crafting ecosystem. Oil Refineries built out of different metal plates will have different capabilities.

Items may be built to a certain size, such as an S4 Construction Tool. Items may be built with a different composition that has a smaller or larger cross sectional area, such as a CSA-8 Cable [Gold] [Thin] or a CSA1 Cable [Copper] [Thick]. Items that are gathered may have variations to them, such as a local variation of gold ore: Cahcee Gold Ore. Items may have a certain richness to them, such as an R10 X593 Power Cell. Items like Structural Components may have low or high density variations, such as a D-4 Structural Component [Steel] which provide trade offs between the volume and the strength of the structures built.